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Monday, 12 December 2011

My deleted review for Hit and Run

Hit and Run (2009) (V)
Bad enough to make your telephone bleed (that doesn't make any sense, but then neither does the film)., 5 October 2011
(This review was deleted by IMDb based on an abuse report filed by another user)

Based on an urban legend, and told with irritating scene transitions, stupid camera angles, and unnecessary fancy editing, Hit and Run tells of Mary Murdock (Laura Breckenridge), a sexy college student who, after a drunken night out, runs down a virtually psychotic bipolar kindergarten teacher who doesn't take kindly to being turned into a hood ornament for her SUV.

Hit and Run is either a failed tongue-in-cheek attempt at tackling a formulaic premise by taking matters to the extreme, or it's a complete and utter mess made by a director who should be given a restraining order preventing him from ever going near a movie set again. Your guess is as good as mine.

If director Enda McCallion was aiming to be as outrageously daft as possible, logic be damned, then his film just doesn't go far enough to make his intentions clear. The majority of the action is so dumb that one can only presume that McCallion is having a laugh, but then there's the bits seemingly played straight that leave a nagging doubt at the back of the mind... perhaps this is actually meant to be scary as opposed to hilarious.

Thank heavens then for gorgeous star Breckenridge, who makes the whole sorry thing bearable, no matter how awful it gets: she may be asked to perform some pretty stupid stuff, her character clearly in short supply of brain cells, but she does so in a really tight vest, gets rained on a lot, and is frequently splashed with blood and mud. I don't know about you, but a hot girl in tight wet clothes and with her cleavage constantly on display goes a long way to making any film easier to stomach.

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