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Monday, 21 June 2010

We're everywhere.

It's amazing quite how many horror fans there are out there, masquerading as normal people. I grew up sharing my obsession with the genre with a few select friends, mostly oddballs or social outcasts like myself (I think they would agree), but never realising that fans of the depraved and immoral are everywhere, simply pretending to be respectable members of the community.

At my current place of work—which consists of less than ten employees—two are hardcore horror freaks, no strangers to the most extreme of Japanese gorefests, and three others are more than occasional horror fans. Two of my children's friend's fathers are also into the genre, enough to be able to hold a decent conversation on the subject.

So the next time you are stuck in a room full of seemingly dull individuals, don't be too surprised if you wind up having an in-depth discussion on Fulci's splatter classics, underground German gore flicks, or the top ten exploding heads in cinema.

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